I value my Christian faith, respect for self and others, taking responsibility for every action, love for everything important to me, and honesty in all relationships. I also value adaptability for every situation, and the sense of belonging, but also diversity of people, places and things. Education, creativity, happiness, intelligence, passion and loyalty are a few other things I value.

Love & Appreciation:

I love and appreciate my close-knit family, immediate and extended. I love my friends for their individual traits, and appreciate their constant support. I love watching the sky, God’s canvas, and the ever-changing clouds and colors. I appreciate living in a country full of freedom and possibility. I love being actively creative, but also just relaxing and pondering life.

Annoyance & Disapproval:

I am annoyed by unnecessary drama and conflict. I also disapprove of smoking, underage drinking, racism, abortion and stereotypes. Feelings of uncertainty annoy me as well.


I consider myself skilled with computer applications; as I like to say, “I can’t build it, but I can run it!” In that respect, I am a quick learner. Some say I have an eye for design, and I do enjoy Photoshopping, whether with photographs or free handing.


At the end of the day, I’m proud to be the daughter of my parents. Sure, we have our scuffles like all child/parent relationships will have. However, without their constant love and support, I would not be the person I am today.


I aspire to be the Creative Director at an advertising agency someday. Before then, I’m content to work on any creative/graphical aspect, whether it is photography, graphic design, web design, or layouts. I’d also enjoy shooting or editing commercials for television or the web.

Of Utmost Importance:

Most important to me is my driving passion. I feel lucky to have such a strong passion, and to be able to exercise it, turning it into a lifetime career. I’m steered to creativity through a daily dose of inspiration through observation of my world. This is why I enjoy the idea of working in advertising, a constantly changing atmosphere of creativity and innovation.


Someday, I hope you will be reading, looking at, or watching an advertisement that I had some part in creating. I wish to be known for a policy of honesty, true truth in advertising, and have it be evident in my creations.


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