#2: Social Media History Lesson

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The abbreviated version of Social Media’s History of Big Players:

  1. 90s: AOL – included profiles, interest lists, chat – no control over profile layout

  2. 90s: Web Rings – amateur homepages, such as Geocities and Yahoo!

  3. 2002: Friendster – photo and basic info – clarity in community’s structure helped coin “social networking”

  4. 2003: MySpace – gave access to HTML and stylesheets

  5. 2004: Facebook – emphasis on plain text and activity streams – interest and activities measure of ID

  6. Now: Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter

  7. Now: Ning – create your own social network

From the article: “What all of these developments indicate is that social networking has become something much greater than a list of our interests and our friends. It’s about managing the ever-expanding number of social applications we’re using every day in ways that are meaningful and intelligible to us. While there are sure to be growing pains along the way, the end result should be users who are more empowered to be designers, curators, creators—masters of their online universe.”

Source: Seeing Other People, By: Jesse Ashlock

SlideShare and Podcast coming tomorrow!!!


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