#3: Becoming a Blogger

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Intro to Blogging
To introduce the topic of blogging, I’m going to rip some definitions straight from Technorati, which, according to the great philosopher Wikipedia, was tracking 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media as of June 2008.

Blogging Definitions:

What’s a weblog?
A weblog, or “blog”, is a personal journal on the Web. Weblogs cover as many different topics, and express as many opinions, as there are people writing them. Some blogs are highly influential and have enormous readership, while others are mainly intended for a close circle of family and friends.

What is a blogger?
A blogger is someone who writes a blog.

What is the blogosphere?
Blogosphere is a word used to describe the online community of bloggers and their writings.

How is a weblog different from a website?
A weblog is a website that is updated frequently, most often displaying its material in journal-like chronological dated entries or posts. Most blogs allow readers to post comments to your post, and link from their blog to your posts using the permanlink URL or address. In a blog, the content can be published and syndicated separate from the formatting using an RSS feed. Readers can then subscribe to the feed to automatically receive updates.

For more Blog FAQ, visit the Technorati page.

Blogging Platforms:

My own blog is clearly run on WordPress, so speaking from experience, I can highly recommend their service.  Positives include:

  • Free
  • Lots of great themes
  • Great visitor statistics
  • Automatic listing in major search engines like Google
  • Fantastic tagging system
  • WordCamp (which I haven’t been to but think would be amazing!)
  • Excellent tech support/FAQs
  • Easily host at your own domain

The other one I’ve had experience with is Blogger.  It’s easy to use and allows for quite a bit of customization.  Overall, it’s good, just not as polished as WordPress’s system.

TypePad seems to have a similar set-up to WordPress except it’s a paid service starting at $4.95.

Moveable Type
Moveable Type is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create and manage not just blogs, but also websites and your own social networks. The blogger license is free.

A quick Google search will pull up many more options, but these are what I find to be the most commonly used.

Micro-Blogging Platforms

By far the most heard of, Twitter is making “tweeting” a household verb. Here’s a suggestion: RT @5t3ph Social Media Series https://5t3ph.wordpress.com/3-becoming-a-blogger 😉

Tumblr offers full customization, and it’s a free service.  The Tumblr-powered blogs I’ve seen are quite impressive, but I can’t vouch for support or other resources.

Other’s are reviewed here by Aidan Henry of ReadWriteWeb.

Bottom Line:

Your thoughts should live in a world free from mental constraints!  You’ve got knowledge/emotions/tips/etc. so share them with the world!  Become a Blogger and join the Blogosphere!

Thanks, and come back for the next installment February 4!

PS-If you use WordPress and are wondering about the Custom CSS option, look for my mini-series on that subject! Coming Soon!!


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