#4: Social Media Efficiency

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In my first post of this series, I encouraged you to go and start participating in social media venues.  First question: have you done it yet?  If you have not, I’m going to assume you are either being wise… or lazy ;).

This post will explore:

  • Pros and Cons of Getting Involved
  • How to Choose a Social Media Network
  • LifeStreaming
  • Tips for Efficiency from Eric Brantner


  • Quick connection to all your online acquaintances
  • View and participate in conversations stretching worldwide
  • Share pictures, videos, music, & words in an instant with the world, or your own VIPs
  • Maintain connections with friends and relatives in a way e-mail can’t match
  • Connect with professionals without changing from your PJ


  • Can absorb a huge amount of time due to addictive nature
  • May attract unwanted attention from “sketchy people”
  • …aaaaand that’s about it 😉

Choosing a Social Media

In choosing a social media environment, consider your goals.  Do they include:

  1. Sharing pictures and/or videos

  2. Sharing your ideas & knowledge

  3. Connecting with friends and family

  4. Connecting with professionals

  5. Getting hired

  6. Self-promotion(Marketing/Advertising)

The following lists relate to where you can primarily do these things.  Of course, there are many more that I’m not specifically mentioning, and many can fit in multiple categories.  However, I believe this will give you a good start on your Social Media search!

Places for 1:

Places for 2:

  • Wikis
  • Message Boards

Places for 1-4:

Places for 2-5:

Sticky #6: Self-Promotion

Marketing and Advertising campaigns can be executed in any of these social media environments.  Disclaimer: I am only an aspiring expert, and make no claim that the following tips will ensure a successful social media campaign.

  1. Research your target audience – where are they frequenting?
  2. Research how advertising is set up on your selected media – for instance, Facebook offers very demographic targeted ad space
  3. Do not just talk AT the consumer! Engage them in the conversation! Leave plenty of room for them to talk to you, whether it be positive or negative.
  4. Do not only post messages of self-promotion such as “Look at this thing we have/are doing!”  Also offer freebies, advice, and links to places outside of your brand but relevant to your services.  This helps build trust and interest.
  5. Not everyone can have an awesomely viral YouTube ad.  Have fall backs, and soundboards for your consumers to naturally come to and by which you can gauge effectiveness.
  6. Strongly consider coupling social media efforts with other promotional materials “offline.”


According to WordSpy, Lifestreaming is: “An online record of a person’s daily activities, either via direct video feed or via aggregating the person’s online content such as blog posts, social network updates, and online photos.”  Lifestreaming services are very useful for viewing all of your social media environments in one space.  For example, you can view both your Facebook news feed updates as well as your Twitter tweets.  While you may not be able to update them all from one location, you can publish your lifestream for your various followers to view.  Many even offer RSS subscriptions.

I personally use FriendFeed, but here are two links that review other services:

Tips for Social Networking Efficiency

The following are taken from this article by Eric Brantner.  Please take the time to read his full text! 🙂

  • Think Twice before Following
  • Set a Schedule
  • Keep Your Goals in Mind
  • Be Consistent

Thanks, and come back February 11 for the next Social Media Series Episode!


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